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Wizards and Wands Page 24 by Rodie-the-Nightblade
Semester One- The Omnispark Stone
Wizards and Wands Page 26 by Rodie-the-Nightblade
Wizards and Wands Page 25 by Rodie-the-Nightblade
Wizards and Wands Page 23 by Rodie-the-Nightblade
Wizards and Wands Page 22 by Rodie-the-Nightblade
Gandalf the grey by MikeyTabarcea
Gandalf The Grey by MikeyTabarcea
I am Lord Voldemort by hk-1440
I Solemnly Swear I'm Up to No Good by hk-1440

Welcome to Wizards and Wands Webcomic!

Inspired by the hit webcomics DM of the Rings and Darths and Droids, Wizards and Wands is a "Twenty-Sided Tale" that chronicles the story of a small group of hobby gamists and the tabletop game they play. It's a comedy-packed exploration of the gaming subculture, or so we are told, because that certainly sounds better than "it's got a lot of dice rolls and RPG jokes."

As traditional for this style of webcomic, we enter a world in which the Harry Potter books and movies never existed, and instead join a group of players as they embark on a journey through the fantasy of the GameMaster, braving hastily written characters, facing monsters and myths ripped off out of a Dungeons and Dragons sourcebook, and plotholes you could drive a truck through.

So in other words, it's just like the real Harry Potter, only with a lot more dice and junkfood.


Many thanks to daughterofMyou for the icon!
Thanks to a tip from DragonTrainer13, I've come across another deviant vested in a Harry Potter Twenty-Sided Tale! Go check out The Leaky D20 by Arkbrik!

It seems the approach we take to the source material differs, so you won't get the same thing twice!
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phyrereii Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2017
Finite Incantatem is an AU roleplay based around the world presented in Harry Potter books and movies. Set in 2021, the wizarding world is on the brink of chaos as the Muggle world around them is in shambles. Anti-muggle sentiment is stronger than ever and has begun taking a foot hold in multiple countries. A new group, calling themselves the Death Eaters are beginning to recruit individuals for their cause; meanwhile, another group of individuals have responded by creating the Order of the Phoenix, vowing to take down the purist cult. It's only a matter of time until war breaks out. Pick your side and join us today!

What we offer:

- Two friendly admins with years of admin/mod experience across a variety of platforms (Avidgamers, Acornrack, Spleafnet, IF, PB, Jcink)
- A newer site (est. late 2016 - still under some construction - please don't mind our mess!) with plenty of available roles, face claims, etc.
- A vision to have the direction and plot of the site be member-driven. We love input, ideas, and constructive criticism!
- A pretty unique plot perspective - most sites are so far into the future or are a blast from the past. Incantatem explores all of the what ifs a few years down the road from current, real-life events.
- Tons of possibilities - we have the four main schools, and a pretty unrestrictive list of careers and occupations to choose from. If you can think it, you can probably do it!

Feel free to link back and advertise your roleplay on our site <3 Affiliate applications accepted as well! Guest friendly!

Located @
cedrik13sai Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014
y u no make more?!
Rodie-the-Nightblade Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014
The author writing it with me moved away for a time >_<

And of course, now that he's back... he's got a job. And I wanted to move onto other projects...